Urbeats3 Wired Earphones With 3.5mm Plug – Tangle Free Cable Magnetic Earbuds Built In Mic And Controls – Black Reviews

By | May 9, 2020

Urbeats3 Wired Earphones With 3.5mm Plug – Tangle Free Cable Magnetic Earbuds Built In Mic And Controls – Black Specs and Review

High performance wired earbuds in black Fine-tuned acoustic design delivers an exceptional listening experience Compatible with iOS and Android products Optimal ergonomic design for all-day comfort Variety of Ear tip options provide individualized fit for noise isolation Tangle-free flat cable and magnetic ear buds offer easy portability Take calls, control your music, and activate Siri with the RemoteTalk microphone What’s in the box: urBeats3 Earphones, Eartips with four size options, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card

3 thoughts on “Urbeats3 Wired Earphones With 3.5mm Plug – Tangle Free Cable Magnetic Earbuds Built In Mic And Controls – Black Reviews

liDBK says:

Addition as of 5/15/2019: i have accidentally ran these through the rough wash cycle my clothes go through once and the dryer twice because it takes two attempts to dry my clothes completely.5mm version, but we normally get them at best buy.Is that not true? Horrible soundDo not even bother The sound in these is amazing, what an upgrade switching to these! The color is nice and matte.They came with many size ear tips that will fit a lot of people.I recently purchased these at a good price.I have an LG K7 Android cell phone and the earphones are not compatible with it.I like that the headphones snap together through magnets and that the cords are flat; altogether this makes them unlikely to really tangle.The sound quality is awful.However, I did not receive the case that was shown with them.I rarely listen to music.As another reviewer noted, they are a great fit and provide stellar sound isolation without being noise canceling.I really like the coral color.I’ve been using these for 4 months and the right earphone already stopped working.Taking calls with them is easy and so far they seem durable and I think they will last a long.These fit perfectly out of the box, and the sound quality is amazing.No bass, take my word for it.These fit well, controls are nice and they really sound amazing! I was never a beats person as the tended to get by with their name and hype.

NOgtv says:

I bought Beats because they were the only other option I had besides getting the non noise canceling apple headphones, or using the connector thingy to use normal non-lightning headphones ..The first issue I noticed right away was that none of the 4 included earbud tips would fit in my ears properly, and would constantly fall out while listening.The lighting to 3.I’ve also only had the headphones for about a month and a half and they’re already crapping out on me.You have to sit still with these so that you don’t hear that feedback from the cable moving..It also takes two hands to put in one earbud because they fit further in your ear than the iPhone headphone design.Volume adjustment is functional.The biggest complaint is that you can hear the vibrations every time the cords move.I was hoping with the backing of Apple and Dr.Of course they gonna fall out sometimes bro, they are wired, idiot.The originals were hurting my ears after about a half hour of wear, the sound was not loud enough for me and overall just not that great.The early products basically just turned up the bass and called it tuned.I just wanted red earphones, and I’d be willing to trade some sound quality just So I can have red earphones… but these are just really bad.These headphones were not horrific, but for $50 I have to say ehhhh not that impressed.If you don’t get a good seal in your ears they sound like garbage.By that, I mean the amount I expect to receive from Beats.All other earphones didn’t give me that weird pulling down feeling.

ZHtbtb says:

Like others have already stated, these are about on par with headphones you could find on the dollar rack at a gas station.I purchased the gold pair with the lightning type connector.This is a very good Lightning Headphones with a good amount of Bass for iPhone 7, 7+, 8,8+,10,10s,10s Max, 10R.My second pair bent where the cable enters the lightning jack after they got tangled in a desk chair and I dropped my phone trying to untangle them.Yes I tried all size rubber fittings they come with and they’re all terrible.Complete waste of money so returning ASAP!! I just replaced my first pair of urbeats with these earphones.I can even sleep with these in thanks to the different rubber adjustments that you can switch out on the headphones – I’d recommend that if you are trying to sleep with your headphones in that you get a silk pillowcase because you do have to kind of position your head a certain way with a standard pillowcase ; these can feel a little uncomfortable to sleep on otherwise .No matter the size pad I use the my fall out, even if I’m sitting and slightly move my head.The bass is loud, the volume is LOUD.These are so tinny.Wish I can just return them. These earbuds don’t stay in and didn’t come with wing tips as I had expected they would.For best results use an equalizer and build quality feels improved over older styles of urbeats.They would never be used during exercise.They attach to iPhone 7 without adapter.I’ll take that as a 5 star review any day!!! They match her yellow iPhone perfectly.The sound quality is perfect I can hear a clear difference in these headphones than others.If you like good quality sound, find something else! I didn’t do proper research and assumed there was a link between these and beats by dr dre.

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