Tribit XFree Tune Bluetooth Headphones Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear with Hi-Fi Stereo Sound & Rich Bass Cnet’s Award Comfortable Headphones with Microphone & Foldable Black Reviews

By | April 22, 2020

Tribit XFree Tune Bluetooth Headphones Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear with Hi-Fi Stereo Sound & Rich Bass Cnet’s Award Comfortable Headphones with Microphone & Foldable Black Review

[Cnet’s Award] Cnet calls this bluetooth headphone “The Best Headphones for 2020”. [Hi-Fi Stereo Sound] Dual powerful 40mm sound stage drivers deliver true-to-life audio with rich bass that’s just like the real thing. Engineered with advanced passive noise reduction, not active noise cancellation (ANC). It could prolong the lifetime of the battery and offers more real sound. [40H Playtime] Built-in rechargeable battery with a full charge of 4 hours enables your beats go on for a whopping 40 hours playtime. You could also use this bluetooth headphone as a wired headphone with the provided audio cable plugged into your earphone jack so the headphone will never power off. [Comfortable Design] In order to achieve perfect fit and comfortable wearing experience, the bluetooth headphones were designed with adjustable headband, metallic slider and protein leather the memory-protein cushioned earmuffs. The ergonomic design enables users to work long time without fatigue. [Excellent Connection & Hands-Free Call] CSR chips and Bluetooth 4.1 technology of this bluetooth headphone provides quick and stable connection with your device. Wireless headphone over ear with a high-quality built-in microphone for hands-free calls.

3 thoughts on “Tribit XFree Tune Bluetooth Headphones Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear with Hi-Fi Stereo Sound & Rich Bass Cnet’s Award Comfortable Headphones with Microphone & Foldable Black Reviews

rYilT says:

Final paragraph for a tl;drBudget headphones are always a gamble, and I’ve had god awful luck finding a pair or bluetooth earbuds that last more than a few months.Low rating overall because it’s useless to me broken.I work 4 days a week, 10 hours each day and have owned many a pair of headphones in the six years I’ve done this job.As far as I’m concerned if an artist includes a frequency on their record it should be audible.These were supposed to “get me by” until I could replace my $300 BOSE set, but I may settle on these as they’re not that far behind.I purchased these after reading a CNET review adding them to a list of $200-$300 headphones with the same tagline I used.The ratio of quality to price is a winner.I am not an audiophile and I don’t intend or want to be one, so I don’t care much about getting very expensive headphones for very minimal hard-to-notice improvements.Will update after a few months of use.These sound much better than than my QC25’s with ANC off but I am no sound junkie.In the world of electronics, small brands that sell cheaply priced items are rarely famous for quality.Bought this due to my PX100II does not have bluetooth.These headphones deliver a spectacular full range of audio! I am able to be fully immersed in music, or have a nice quiet background of music to help me relax or focus.So I came across a couple of reviews praising Tribit XFree and decided to give it a try.I watched a review by CNET rating the top 2019 wireless over the ear headphones.I’ve had similarly priced pairs of other Bluetooth headsets from Monster, Altec Lansing and JBL and the Tribit are, by far, the best in every way.Bought these headphones for $50 from Amazon, but these headphones easily feel the same as other headphones prices 2-3 times more, in terms of Material and Sound Quality.BUT it finally broke after 1 year of use bought jan 2018 to dec 2018…do know we could get a refund or warranty for this .Packaging: Headphones nicely packed inside their own semi rigid clamshell case.They don’t creak unless you’re purposely trying to break the hinges or housing.

TFnQQ says:

I cannot believe still how good they are compared to similar product but much more expensive from big brands.FIT – Other brands I have tried on were too large, uncomfortable or sat below my ears even when adjusted to small.I sent them an email about the issue and the customer service was fantastic.It just always seems to bump into things.You can use it for longer periods without making you and your ears uncomfortable and is not as heavy as my expensive headphones.The tribit I was expecting a little bit more from you considering you’re trying to rival competitors in your range.Im using with ios and i never had issue, immediate connection.I got them this morning at 8am.Need to find out how to get a replacement or to get a full refund.– I can hear things clearly – controls to raise/lower the volume, pause/play or skip forward/back the song/video, – while being able to move around .Disclaimer, I am not an audiophile and therefore I was not interested in plopping down $300 or $400 for a big name set of headphones.In fact they told me I didn’t have to send the bad one back one if I chose not to.But they are very heavy and super uncomfortable to wear…i can barely wear them for 10 min.The build is nice and they are somewhat sturdy.They show that apparently they have a charge.The sound and the build quality is excellent.The instructions state “Tribit XFree Tune” as the device pairing name.But based on the price point, the sound was surprisingly good.If I only relied on them for listening to music, for their price they are excellent.

SkgyNP says:

So I was looking for a headset that I could listen to tune and receive calls.True? The rage today is to sell headphones that have chips inside to augment the music – typically to increase the bass past the point where the bass was initially recorded.I think the sound is as good as $100 headsets.They sound better than some of the more expensive ones out there.I’ve put in research and noticed this popping up on most every budget list I read .And they didn’t provide any kind of repair for free.Now that I have their wireless over-ear headphone, I’m sold.Therefore sturdy and high quality headphones are a must.tldr: Loved them but power button failed over time and became unusable after a year.I added an equalizer downloaded on my phone and it took all the bass and treble I could throw at it as loud as and louder than I desired.Pros: -Great sound.I myself am a classic rock and heavy metal lover so I do like a good amount of bass in my music but not where it’s ridiculous and these are perfect for people who like that type of balance.This is the most I’ve spent on headphones because I have awful luck with them most of the time and break them easily.Noise cancellation is more than adequate for anything but an extremely noisy environment and the sound quality and volume range are excellent.The sound is great although I am not an audiophile.They have the option to be wired or wireless which is absolutely fantastic for giving yourself many options.I love these!! First off, the battery life is insane.I am completely satisfied with them and I absolutely recommend them.Main reason I wouldn’t pay that money is because even though I like them so much I don’t really use them, except when I’m traveling.I wasn’t disappointed.

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