TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones SoundSurge 60 Over Ear Headphones Wireless Headphones Deep Bass Quick Charge 30H Playtime for Travel Work Cellphone Reviews

By | April 26, 2020

TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones SoundSurge 60 Over Ear Headphones Wireless Headphones Deep Bass Quick Charge 30H Playtime for Travel Work Cellphone Reviews and Specs

Music On, World Off: Improved Active Noise Cancellation will drown out the noise of the streets or annoying chatter to fully immerse you in your favorite tunes Hi-Fi Sound & Captivating Bass: 40mm large-aperture drivers deliver riveting sound and a thumping bass New Hyper Speed Charge: Just 5 minutes of charging give you 2 hours of full sound; 30 hours playtime on a full charge Bluetooth 5.0: Steady Bluetooth 5.0 connection streams music uninterrupted while the built-in cVc 6.0 microphone ensure crisp, clear calls without ambient noise First Class Comfort: Comfortable wear even on long journeys with an adjustable headband, 90° rotatable ear cups, and pillow-soft protein cushions. These headphones are foldable and come with a carrying case.

3 thoughts on “TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones SoundSurge 60 Over Ear Headphones Wireless Headphones Deep Bass Quick Charge 30H Playtime for Travel Work Cellphone Reviews

DMhQT says:

Let me jump in straight to the review.TaoTronics have built a great product.Some advantages I’ve figured out so far :Bluetooth 5.I love the fact that a very well made case was included for the headphones – which fit perfectly into the case.Has the ability to plug straight in.They would reduce the sounds of a busy open-floor office to an acceptable level and help me concentrate on my work.Taotronics has engineered a beautiful sounding set of noise cancelling premium over ear headphones for those who enjoy audiophile quality but under $100.“What? Sorry can’t hear you ma… It’s nickleback time” I bought these headphones because they were on sale, and had great reviews.Easily rival the higher end models from Bose/Sony, and they sound great! Noise cancellation works great for lower frequencies, though I can hear voices of people around me only faintly, but you definitely get your money’s worth with these.The Mpow H5 have way better sound that this headphones.It was also nice of them to include a carrying case, and it also has minimal branding which is also a plus!Battery life is stellar, and the quick charging is very useful.I thought I’d give these new TaoTronics a try especially due to the price and how much the article compared them to higher priced units.These TaoTronics SoundSurge 60 are probably the best valued set of wireless headphones you can get.Obviously the sound quality is the most important thing in buying headphones and so far I am very happy with it.The technology always amazed me, since my very first Bose.Enjoying music, no.I am unsure if this is a software with my PC or hardware issue with the headphones, however my other bluetooth headphones and earbuds have no similar issue.Did I get a bad batch, is this a design defect, or is this model supposed to do this?2) ANC generates some type of whine or static white noise.

CeeoU says:

While the ANC does somewhat work, having it on while playing music, severely decreases the audio quality.For $60 you get a pair of headphones – with noise cancellation no less – that, as many other reviews have noted, sound *phenomenal* for the money.If you are a techy you probably could find things wrong with it, but if you want a pair of decent headphones at a reasonable price these will work.The cushion is so soft, I was able to keep it on for more time than the others.They were delivered quickly and the process was painless.Build quality is solid, and I would rate their comfort as fine.These headphones are pretty sturdy but comfortable at the same time.However, if you’re looking for a daily driver NC headphones for work or pleasure, you might want to save up and spend more on a Bose or Sony for better sound quality! The bullet points for me:_ Comfortability: I wear glasses and this headphones are super soft and comfortable to wear for long hours.However, with the noise cancelling turned on, it was almost no different than with the noise cancellation turned off.The quick recharge feature almost essentially guarantees that you never are without a charge.Noise cancellation is actually pretty good I have tested in the server room, on the subway and airplane.Comfort The padding on both ears and the top are very well built to not let the headphones clamp on your head.The sound has quite a bit of base it a great sound and there is plenty of volume range if you like loud.Here are some of my notes after spending some time with the headphones:– Very nice sound.Worse, if you turn cancellation off they bleed outside noise worse than any other over ear headphones I have ever owned.Sounds a bit better with it off.So far I am unimpressed and looking for better ones this Black Friday.Without a doubt they are the best headphones sub $100 you can get.0 steady no audio delay when playing videos and music has great clear sound qualityClicky buttons to power, control volume up/down, and ANC switch button.5mm audio cord, micro usb cable, and a manual.

GrkIfP says:

I work on the medical side of an animal shelter so I’m at my desk a lot.My only issue is a big one for my set-up.As a result, I have had considerable opportunity to evaluate the quality and performance of the TT BH060 over time.——————————————–Original———————————————I have a pair of TaoTronics wireless buds and I really like them.Sound signature changes between having the noise cancelling on/off.Packaging:The packaging is nice and professional looking, not just a plain cardboard box.For years now I have been traveling with a pair of Monoprice ANC wired headphones that to me were nearly as good as some Bose I tried for about a fifth of the cost.I wear an american size 8.So here is my take:Good:+ Superb sound quality, especially with BT 5.I previously had other TaoTronics products, and I can’t complain anything about the quality.Plastic has some sharp edges which you can fix with some sanding paper.I have this constant urge to shift the volume up and it’s at the max..Well, they sound good, I let them do a sound burn in for about 4 hrs.I don’t travel that much, but when I do it’s usually transatlantic 7hr+ stuff and really wanted some noise cancelling headphones for a recent trip.But at this price point, I don’t think you’ll get better than these Taotronics.So first off let me say, these are a solid bluetooth active noise canceling set of headphones.The headphones are comfortable, and the layout of the controls make it very easy to use.However, the sound quality is not nearly as good as many reviews would have you think.For the price, I figured I couldn’t go wrong with these.

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