Sony Wireless Headphones for TV Watching (WHRF400R) with Transmitter Dock (TMRRF400) – 6-ft 3.5mm Stereo + NeeGo RCA Plug Y-Adapter for TV Review

By | April 27, 2020

Sony Wireless Headphones for TV Watching (WHRF400R) with Transmitter Dock (TMRRF400) – 6-ft 3.5mm Stereo + NeeGo RCA Plug Y-Adapter for TV Review and Specs

ALL-IN-ONE AUDIO HEADPHONE SET – Bundle Pack Includes HD Wireless Headset, Transmitter/Charging Dock & BONUS Y-Adapter w/3.5mm Stereo & 2 NeeGo RCA Plugs EASY WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY – Radio Frequency Headphones Let You Move Freely Up to 150 Ft Through Walls & Ceiling; Battery Life Up to 20 Hours Per Charge SENSATIONAL HD PERFORMANCE – Sony Technology Produces High Fidelity Sound & Booming Bass w/ Noise Reduction, Voice Mode, Volume Control & Auto Tune OPTIMIZED FOR CINEMA – Durable, Powerful 40mm Drivers Render Clear, Warm, Detailed Sound, Dynamic Music & Crisp Dialogue for All Your Hi-Fi Entertainment EXTREME COMFORT DESIGN – Soft, Adjustable Over Ear Pads Provide a Secure Yet Lightweight Fit for Watching Movies, Binging TV, Playing Videogames & Beyond

3 thoughts on “Sony Wireless Headphones for TV Watching (WHRF400R) with Transmitter Dock (TMRRF400) – 6-ft 3.5mm Stereo + NeeGo RCA Plug Y-Adapter for TV Review

qDtwq says:

We purchased these after my husbands older Sony headphone broke.A real waste of money.This is the first ones that provides the sound and the loudness levels that allow me to hear the TV clearly EVEN WITHOUT MY HEARING AIDS.I often watch television in the front room after she retires to the bedroom.He is hard of hearing, so it was a gift for all of us, so he wouldn’t need to have the tv so loud.Maybe replacing the pads with softer, thicker pads can fix the problem, but for the cost, it should come with extra pads, 3 different sizes, rather than force people to buy and try different pads.The sound quality when hooked up into TiVo was staticky.I am returning.00 on a cord with two males ends that were not supplied with the headphones. I bought this to replace an older Sony TV wireless headset that did not have noise cancellation.Sound cancellation is great.We have a sound bar on our tv and after hooking up these headphones, had to call electronics company that put in the sound bar and pay them to come out and they had to unhook sound bar in order to use headphones until they can order a splitter/converter so we can use both.The sound quality is excellent considering the price.The second device did not work as well.The headset is comfortable and the whole device is really simple to connect.Noise cancellation is a problem.They do have a rather amazing ability to make the language quite clearer.The first unit I got had lots of background static and the sound would frequently cut out completely for 1-5 seconds.

HDnml says:

But most TV’s today do not have analog connections, those RCA Jack’s and Aux audio Jack’s do not connect to my New Samsung 4G Smart TV.There was no sound on the headphones!I then contacted Sony customer service on Wednesday around noon who then connected to paid service called Just Answer.The problem is, even when you are near the transmitter, sometimes it fades in and out like an FM radio out of range.But they work great.Dissappointed though that when I put them on there was static in the Right ear, no sound, just static.After much frustration I hooked up to sound bar.My tv, which is only a couple months old did not, but thankfully my parents did.They are going to replace the headphones, And When The Virus thing is Over, I will call Sony and Ripe them a new one.Picked these headphones up for watching tv, and have experienced terrible static during dialogue. Hurt ears after 2 hours.I purchased this for him, and he loves it!! Even better, we love it.Would not come on.Also is a great assist in breaking apart voices and background sounds on TV.but this Sony is complete different………maybe the one I bought in Dec 27 as used or who knows………thanks.I has a static sound and the battery failed before the movie i was viewing ended.Won’t work.I cannot give you any technical information.Also it was considerablycheaper than the same set at Best Buy.The headphones fell short of my expectations as promised in the overview of this product.

MiAHrf says:

Not sure if it is headset or broadcast.They can be susceptible to atmospheric interference, or from the microwave, but that’s a small price to pay.This is not the right product for me.He did use them for music on the ipad but we already had another set for this application.Now when my husband mutes the TV for commercials and then decides to go out of the room, I can still hear the sound clearly and don”t have to get up to get the remote to remove the mute. Did not work.I don’t have a rating for the noise cancellation because I don’t hear anything different in background noise.Very comfortable to wear.The quality is not what I thought it would be as I have previously owned some from costco that were Sony.I bought them for my mother but discovered that the audio jacks on her TV were audio in only so I had to return them.They were able to set these up in Minutes and they are both in their 70’s.They are snug when I wear my glasses.I’m extremely hard of hearing, and require very loud tv and music listening, which can be bothersome to –> <use xlink:href="https://2azap.Any show with gunfire, explosions, spacecraft engines, etc.He says it is clear and comfortable.Battery not holding a charge.

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