Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones – Apple W1 Headphone Chip Class 1 Bluetooth 12 Hours Of Listening Time Sweat Resistant Earbuds – Defiant Black-Red Review

By | April 26, 2020

Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones – Apple W1 Headphone Chip Class 1 Bluetooth 12 Hours Of Listening Time Sweat Resistant Earbuds – Defiant Black-Red Reviews and Specs

High-performance wireless earphones in defiant black-red Compatible with iOS and Android devices. Connectivity Technology: Apple’s W1 Chip and Wireless Connect via Class 1 Bluetooth with your device for wireless workout freedom Up to 12 hours of battery life to power through multiple workouts With Fast Fuel, a 5-minute charge gives you 1 hour of playback when battery is low Sweat and water resistance to handle tough training. Flexible, secure-fit earhooks maximize comfort and stability while in the gym or running

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JvDFv says:

00 to fix it, plus shipping, plus tax – so, you can buy a brand new pair for cheaper than the repair.Other than the day I’m writing this , they have yet to stop working.Nope.For the price it is frustrating.Within the span of when I received the product up until now I have been through 5 PowerBeats3s because they have failed.First, the price was affordable compared to its competition.Secure fit, decent sound quality, great battery life.I would restart them and have no problem. I primarily used these headphones so that people could hear me clearly during phone calls.I tried resetting them multiple times and also used the Beats Updater to be sure that the firmware was up to date.That’s all I can say when I think about these headphones.I ended up buying 3 pairs and I can ASSURE you that these are NOT knock-offs.Best fit of the MANY headphones I’ve tried of this kind.The volume turns itself down constantly.The charging port is accessible without having to move a flimsy rubber piece out of the way, and the materials look and feel great.THE BAD: I ordered these in January and just sent my second pair in for repair/replacement via Apple store.I got these to replace my 3 year old original Powerbeats.The wrap around my ear helps, but they still slide out.Upon receiving them they were packaged nicely and they seem to be built in a very good quality like any product made by beats in my opinion.

uawyD says:

I’ve seen the bad reviews for the Powerbeats 3 wireless and I was skeptical about buying them but since they were on sale I said what could be the risk so I bought them.I workout at the gym, plus run marathons.They used to have great reviews, so I paid $250 for them… Biggest waste of money I’ve spent in a long time.The sound quality was very nice.Never fell off.On top of that, after charging them, I quickly learned that only the left speaker had any sound playing through it.Then the hardware just shuts down.Rain, sweat and competing with loud air compressors and power tools 8-12hr/day make for a pretty effective torture test.Someone should sue over this.I found these headphones little pricey but decided to gave it a try.).They are fairly sweat resistant and have never developed a weird smell or anything, even after heavily sweating all over them.I’ve had these headphones for 6 months total and they turn off or disconnect when they want to or even while fully charged they turn on and turn right back off.It’s not the summer of 2018, and collectively we’ve gone thru 5 pairs now.Not super loud but loud enough.First, they started to fail to hold a full charge and would turn off in the middle of my workouts.While initially hesitant to buy due to reviews that they were not durable, I purchased the first set as a gift for my son who trains most days of the week in the military.I bought these on 1/23/17.I used them 5 days a week 30mins a day at the gym.This time I wanted to try some wireless/bluetooth style buds so I went with these.

ZjjgKd says:

The 3 fit is similar to the original and the controller is more responsive to the touch but seems less substantive than the original .Battery life so far is great! I will say sound quality is good if I can keep them secure enough in my ear.Unfortunately I accidentally pul the wire and damaged it.When he went to work later that day he went to move the headphones on the seat he found that they had melted.For my one year wellness anniversary I rewarded myself with a nice pair of training shoes and a pair of Powerbeats3 Wireless .Well they worked really well until last week.They have ridiculously good battery life, I maybe charge once or twice a week.After a few weeks, I received a pair back.I’m especially pleased with the bass response, being a bass player I guess you might say that I’m a power user since I listen to music/audio books probably 6-8 hours a day.These have a great sound & noise cancellation, maybe only slightly less bass-ey than the bose but not a huge difference & still loud.I use them for working out a majority of the time but listening to music at work, home or walks is just as enjoyable.I had this product for about a year before they stopped working.The good things and why I bought it was that I was trying to cut the cord.earbud fell off.first pair broke after two weeks.I was looking for better sound quality but primarily easier switching among various devices (iPhone, Macbook, iPad, etc.I had a misconception about the Beat products, thinking that they appeal to the younger generation by stepping up the base sounds.Frustrating to see how such a simple has been rendered so unstable.This beats do not feel comfortable after about 30 min and the silicone cap does not block most of the outside noise as the previous version I had did, the only aspect that these are better is that they have better battery life, which last for hours.

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