Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear Comfortable Wireless Headphones Rechargeable HiFi Stereo Headset Wired Mode CVC6.0 Microphone for Cellphone Online Class Home Office PC Reviews

By | May 14, 2020

Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear Comfortable Wireless Headphones Rechargeable HiFi Stereo Headset Wired Mode CVC6.0 Microphone for Cellphone Online Class Home Office PC Reviews and Specs

Almost one week of use with HIFI sound: Mpow professional 40mm drivers offer you incredible listening clarity. Supplying up to 18 hours of rechargeable battery life, twice as much as others. If not used frequently, headphone can be used about a week. 3.5mm audio cable changes the wireless to wired mode to keep listening when the battery runs out. 3-Button easy CONTROL on music, calls, audio books & FM without buying an extra SD card: quickly connecting with Bluetooth V4.1 to your phones, you can operate all the audio and call function directly on the headphones without touching your cellphones to enjoy your things. Rotatable space-saving design with travel Carrying bag & proper tightness in light weight for comfort: Take it to anywhere with the included carrying bag. The ergonomic design, comfy memory protein earmuff and the adjustable metal slider reduces press Hands free calling with CVC6.0 noise reduction technology: CVC6.0 giving you a clearer phone communication. Built-in microphone lets you pick up any incoming calls conveniently. No need to worry about missing any phone calls. Stable compatibility & easy to use: Mpow H7 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are compatible with most Bluetooth devices. Quickly and stable connecting with your smartphones, MP3, iPad, PC, laptop and so on. Mpow H7 over-ear stereo headphones offer you better overall user experience. Compatible phone models: Sony; iPhone, Android smart phone

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SLaOn says:

The next day I wore them and I watched a show that has hour long episodes and that didn’t drain the battery and I didn’t see a little bit of a decrease until today and it wasn’t even halfway! They were still above halfway so these are the best headphones and I’d definitely recommend them! Thanks for the awesome headphones and for the price they are a steal! I hope this is helpful I thought that maybe these wouldn’t be great but after buying them and using them I’d definitely recommend to anyone wanting a cheap pair of headphones that’s last a long time in battery life! Be careful though because of the plastic material it may be fragile so use the carrying case! But the headband seems pretty strong so I don’t see a problem which is usually how most headphones break but these look pretty good! Thanks for reading have a nice day!UPDATEJune 20, 2018I still haven’t changed my review of these headphones they are AMAZING!!! I have been using them daily or every other day since I’ve gotten them and I haven’t really had to charge them as much at all!!! I love them they are amazing and I would definitely buy them again and super recommend them to a friend, family, etc… I truly believe these have more than 20+ hours being able to wear them for a few days on moderate to heavy use without much problem at all.Easy to connect and disconnect.Connects quickly.I’m not really sure how that works, but it does.For anyone who’s into deep or heavy bass this doesn’t get a pass.With these on you cannot hear much noise unless it is very loud.I don’t mind being in the room with my teens when they’re playing video games but sometimes I don’t always want to hear all of it so headphones make me happy.9w found on Echo dots, etc) will cause FIRE.Price = Quality.This could be the transmitter or the headset .But certain features just wowed me that i didnt expected.As with the previous pair the build quality is good and they fit nicely.Great price, super great sound, good range and really nice customer service.However, now the headphones continue to announce this connection status multiple times a minute when no change in connection status has been made.I left an honest, but not glowing, review a few weeks ago .Build Quality, just horrendous, an all plastic body with what seems to be aluminum on the headband, but that doesn’t help it much from being one of the most flimsy and poorly constructed pairs of headphones I own currently.Zero issues easy to use and loud.The plastics are sturdy and flexible giving you a good fit.The sound quality is great, and the materials appear to be of good quality and they feel like they’re made well, but the way they sit on my ear is uncomfortable.

PYpcY says:

Sadly, the sound quality turned out just like you would expect for $20 headphones.Great support and cushion.It has a good sound output.Company however sent a replacement that worked free of charge.That’s as far as it goes.Again, I bought this on my own and was not contacted by them at all.Wanted something that was a bit over the ears unlike the apple air pods, that I could use for double duty .PROS:+ wireless+ option for wired listening making it easy to switch between devices+ battery life is amazing+ sound is nice and clear+ microphone makes it easy to use it for calls+ foldable makes it somewhat easy to travel withCONS:– headphones BARELY wrap around my neck when not in use, I’m an average sized guy– volume button needs to be HELD, so I never use it to adjust volumePRO/CON:– holding the power button puts it in Pairing Mode >> then Off — this might be good if you switch between devices, but it’s a weird choice I was looking for a simple pair of over the ear headphones when I stumbled on to these.If you increase the volume just half way through your volume bar, everyone in a quite room can hear what you are listening to.– The battery life is longer than expected.I wanted something i could wear while sleeping.Quick recharge too.They are lightweight but do the job very well.Instead of tapping, you have to hold the positive/ negative side.Because of the complaint of the discomfort, they recommended MPow Jaws, a headset that rests around the neck, and has headphones connected to it.So technically I suppose it does work to iPhones but the connection is lost within a minute and then comes out of the phones speakers.the Pros for the price , these headphones are a good bargain…i’ll use them when sitting around or walking around or at work to listen to music and if someone calls you can answer the any call…i ordered these and received them around May 8th…i fully charged them and to this day have not had to charge them again…the battery life is awesome given i may use them every other day for an hour at a time…but thats pretty good.Manually disconnecting and then reconnecting them on my phone that frequently is just too annoying to keep up for the life of the headphones .Some on the less expensive side of the spectrum, others far more expensive.

aruvXS says:

I’ve gotten them to work with Android, macOS, and Linux, but Windows 10 doesn’t recognize these as an audio device.The battery life is absurdly good.Got the new H7 Plus today and they are awesome.My macbook is decent and I use airfoil to adjust the sound.I can only ware them for 30 minutes before the pain is noticeable and uncomfortable.These headphones get the job done.At the time I bought them, they looked like the most popular bluetooth headphones on amazon.The biggest issue I have is with the connection problems.However, this has to be the best pair of headphones I have bought in a long long time, and definitely the best value for money.I have a $300 pair of noise cancelling BOSE headphones, and a $100 pair of Sony headphones; I like the Mpow’s better! They are more comfortable, easier to use and they sound great! Lo malo :La verdad la calidad del material es muy pobre tanto que en una caída pude romperse, el material es de plástico y se siente muy frágil la calidad del sonido es normal no esperes tener bajos porque en realidad no tiene bajos es más de voz y medios pero si suena muy fuerte en su máximo volumen y no se distorsiona las almohadillas son algo duras pasando los 20 minutos puestos te duele la oreja recomendaría mejor comprar el mpow h5 son mejor calidad y comodidadLo buenoEs realmente muy lijero, Tiene un sonido muy fuerte y nítido en su máximo volumen no cuenta con muchas comodidades pero para su precio es una gran inversión Basic headphones, ok sound.Here are a few observations, which hopefully should help potential buyers:— Battery life, amazing – the claim of 18 hours doesn’t seem to be too far off from what I’m getting.If you want something cheap and don’t care about sound quality they’re fine.I’m very impressed with what you get for the money.They are well built and aren’t cheap feeling.The battery life is superb, the range is excellent, and the sound quality is nice.nice sound quality.I gave them the chance.This review is coming after attempting to replace the vastly superior MPOW H2 pair that broke after maybe 2 years of owning.

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