iJoy Matte Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Over Ear Headphones with Mic Avatar Reviews

By | April 28, 2020

iJoy Matte Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Over Ear Headphones with Mic Avatar Specs and Review

Deep, accurate bass response,Extended frequency range, Rechargeable 5-button control, including Play/pause/answer/hangup,Equalizer,Next track/volume up, Previous track/volume down Ear cups fit around ears to help isolate audio, Foldable design for easy carry, noise canceling design Micro SD card plug-in, built in Radio receiver, Built in Mic for Hands Free calling New: 6 MONTHS!! exchange warranty! If your headset breaks or is damaged for any reason, Pranx will provide you with a FREE replacement!

3 thoughts on “iJoy Matte Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Over Ear Headphones with Mic Avatar Reviews

TcsPF says:

I love the microSD card slot, called TF.If you moved around a lot the noise got worse.The material is amazingly soft and very comfortable to wear.When opening the Bluetooth options on my MacBook, the headphones simply don’t show up even if they are searching for a signal . These headphones rock, the sound quality is stellar and super loud! The buttons are easy to use, built in FM radio mode, design is sleek and material is high quality these are great for LISTENING to music the only down fall is the fact the mic quality is so poor although that isn’t a necessity for me it might be for you and if so these aren’t the head phones for you, but you are still getting an amazing deal! These are easily worth more than the price! La compré junto la lapto Lenovo, a mi hija le gusta escuchar música, ella está complacida! These headphones are the best! They are comfortable, appealing to the eye, and durable.Long story short…my husband stepped/tripped over them twice in one setting.Not noise cancellation but pretty darn close! Super cute and really good price for what I was looking for! Great product, came just as I expected it to come.As I said she just loved them and she just hugged us and thanked us all day! Also, the headset come with charging cord, etc.The battery life lasts a very long time and the bass of the headphones is phenomenal.Additionally, these have proven to be really handy for my airplane travels.Aesthetically, I feel like these appeal to children because there are so many colors and finishes to choose from.I’ve tried being careful about turning them on and off, not leaving them on when I’m not using them, etc.They pair quickly, reliably, and easily with my phone.The headphones are very soft and comfortable around the ears, and they also stretch to fit the head as needed.According to Amazon it’s past the return window ? Maybe electronics are best purchased from a big box stores with better return policies.

dqoEc says:

Arrived within the time frame it said it would.I was shocked by the sound quality! Let me mention that you can walk far away from your device! I was in my kitchen and was able to walk to my front door and up the stairs by my bedroom and heard everything in these headset! I decided to check out the quality of the mic.The first one I got was the stealth and I must say, I was really impressed with the sound quality.I have purchased 5 of these.These headphones are overall very good, sturdy and reliable with no connection loss, and with good range.She says thes are comfortable to wear and provide good sound she is pretty rough with her things but these are holding up well.The folding portion of the headphones are very week.Covering them over my ears.I’ve had 3 within the span of 4 months.My only complaint is they are slightly too big for my head and I wish they accommodated a smaller head size and just made room for more extension if your head is on the bigger size.Not really useful having a long battery life if I can’t even keep them on longer than a couple hours.Disappointing that we’re basically just buying future garbage .Cord-free listening experience is enjoyable.She says “the battery lasts a really long time and when they do die they charge up really quickly.These head phones are meant for my son to have for when he uses the Ipads at school and he loves them.They come with an audio jack and are bluetooth.The stereo effect is great, go ahead and blast your head off if you want but remember that everyone in a ten foot radius will hear what you’re listening to.The metal piece inside the headphone where the charging cord is inserted came out with the charging cord on the first day in the mountains.She says they work well but sometimes make her ears sore.The cons are that even with the EQ it still sounds low and generally not that great.

NKvwJu says:

I see some complaints here about things falling apart / dying … But so far, a few months in, all four are going strong – being used by my three children as well as me …so… Good luck with yours…I think you will be very happy with them! Bought this product last year and it still works to this day.After seeing others fail while this held up, we decided to buy several different colors for all our kids.We own several pairs.From the appearance of the packaging and the headphones themselves, I suspect that these are not new.I will forever order iJoy products because of their customer service.My guess is the cord is the problem but I can’t swear to that.Putting the volume buttons on the other side of the headphones and away from the other buttons would fix the problem..I tested them out around the house and they are great!They have a really good range on them and have a pretty decent sound.Best investment! I am hard of hearing.I purchased them , and I am extremely happy.But back in Mar-2020 the Ear Foam start ripping-off .They fit well, and are adjustible as well as kept a lot of the surrounding noise out.They both had no issues with the sound or bass.Totally unusable.These headphones are the best since apple pie! I’m no headphone connoisseur, but these are really nice! You always wonder about the quality you’re getting for such a low price, but the overall sound, bass, and noise cancellation effect rock! It paired to my device with no problem, fits perfectly over my head and ears, and isn’t too bulky- looking.I will update this review if this new pair has any issues.

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