Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700 with Alexa Voice Control Arctic White Review

By | May 10, 2020

Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700 with Alexa Voice Control Arctic White Specs and Review

Keep your phone in your pocket and your head up to the world with easy access to voice assistants for music, navigation, weather, and more Turn any space into a workplace — with powerful noise cancelling, astonishing sound, unrivaled voice pickup Personalize your environment with 11 levels of noise cancelling control distractions or let ambient sound in Access Alexa with the push of a button, or use the wake up word Optimized for the Google Assistant; Access your voice assistant with a simple button press Listen comfortably for hours a streamlined, lightweight stainless steel headband and angled ear cups make for a perfect fit Get up to 20 hours of wireless battery life and time based power information

3 thoughts on “Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700 with Alexa Voice Control Arctic White Review

hvOjI says:

First, I was shocked to discover that Bose forces you to download their app to even make the headphones work at all – the headphones will not function at all without it.Can’t use them in the gym, can lean your head back!2- They fall off your head!!! I cant use them at the gym, I cant lay down on the plane, I cant tilt my head… WHAT ARE THEY MADE FOR THEN?3 – VERY user-unfriendly!!!! I never turn them off correctly!!! They never turn off or on when I need them!4 – Surprised you cant edit music themes or equalize it5 – Pairing them is a hassle!6 – They are not easy to carry around! My sennheisers and Sonys are folded and get fit into my bag, these ones are way too inconvenient to carry around.It looks like it’s made from one sheet of stainless steel and feels pretty dam solid.Trying these cans in-store at BestBuy allowed me to appreciate the hardware quality of the exterior… quality matte plastic moulding, amazing comfortable faux-leather surfaces on your skin, and a synthesized voice and audible feedback to assist with your navigation of the three hardware buttons and touch controls make these headphones easy to wear during work sessions, public transit commutes, or in a crowded home with loud kids.I am thoroughly impressed so far.What I was excited about the most was the microphone noise cancelling while making calls.Here are my thoughts on these headphones.First, don’t let the display pair at Best Buy fool you.The app is buggy as hell.This is not the one I’ll see myself using.Bose couldn’t sit idly by, so here we are. It kills me to admit this – last year’s Sony 1000 XM3 headphones are light years better than the brand new Bose 700 headphones.Awful connection with my computer, still bad mic pickup which dont lets you listen and talk at the same time.:::::::::::PROS:::::::::::Lightweight and portable.I connected them to my iPhone 7.This sucks because3) Connection issues abound.They’ve *both* started to malfunction in a dramatic way: Sudden, painful screeching feedback while using, akin to what happens when you hold a microphone up to the speaker.They turn off with a loud beep.The app doesn’t work and these headphones won’t recognize my phone.

gKunO says:

I just sold off my Sony.Unfortunately Bose so far REFUSES to acknowledge the issue and instead just says to reset the headphones with a canned response.The Music app as delivered is completely nonfunctional, it will not even pair with the headphones.The connection issues are endless.For three years I have worn them daily to the gym, public transportation and on medium runs.I’m kind of picky with electronics, and I often change my mind about what’s important.I downloaded the Bose Music App.My other headphones are Sennheiser HD 598 paired with FiiO E10K USB DAC amplifier, which I used to compare the sound.I was looking forward to these but I am mostly disappointed.I was ecstatic when Bose came out with the NC700, having both ANC + voice pick up.Asurion couldn’t fix my water damaged QC35, so the Amazon credit from them went towards an upgrade.And now they force you to give them your email!No way! These are beautifully constructed headphones.I have Bose speakers and these are my third Bose headphones and have been extremely satisfied with Bose products in the past.Having said that one will want to download the app and connect your headphones to get software/firmware updates.Great sound reproduction AND the best noise cancelation in the business as I have the sony 2000xMk3’s and the comparison is night and day as the Sony’s noise cancelation is just about as good as last years Bose QC Disappointed with these.I couldn’t use it for a call even in a quiet room.0 instantly.

tmpUQn says:

That may be the case for the sound quality, but the noise cancellation is noticeably better.The most impressive things are that Bose takes touch pad function and noise cancelling adjustment function.This was very disappointing to discover.The comfort is pretty good, especially considering nicer construction materials .If you are a road warrior don’t hesitate.And noise canceling ability is one-step ahead of others.They are going back to Amazon.I’m sure the wife won’t realize for a month that I got newer and better ones.If the headphones do not detect any motion for 10 minutes, they shut off.Sound quality is great.I have upgraded from older wired NC Bose to QC 35 II last year, but want MORE NC sound barrier.I use the set for making 3-4 conference calls per day.I loved the QCs the most purely due to comfort and dual connectivity… however both were terrible at taking calls/voice recognition/ mics etc.I was on a busy road while taking a work call and I can hear myself the other party very clearly.Some have been sturdier than others.The bad: The headphones have a feature that turns off the power if it senses no movement after 10 minutes.I have tried other noise-cancelling headphones, but the one thing those were not good at was call quality – noise from traffic, crowds, and the blowing wind interfered and made using those headphones for calls unbearable.I liked the look and the comfort and the sound.I was not disappointed in any way, other than the fact that I learned that the Sonys do not support multipoint device switching.In terms of the construction the earpieces are comfortable and the headphones are nice looking but the metal head band adds a considerable amount of weight over the qc 35 also the case is thinner than the 35’s but quite a bit wider so they won’t fit in the compartment I use for my carry on bag.

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