Boltune Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 Over Ear Wireless Headphones with Mic Deep Bass Comfortable Protein Earpads 30H Playtime for Travel Work TV PC Cellphone Reviews

By | April 27, 2020

Boltune Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 Over Ear Wireless Headphones with Mic Deep Bass Comfortable Protein Earpads 30H Playtime for Travel Work TV PC Cellphone Reviews and Specs

Nothing but Music: Latest AMS AS3435 Noise Cancelling Technology which can effectively reduce the noise even travelling or commuting on subway, bus and plane or at busy office. Longer playtime and speed charge: (Qualcomm CVC Audio technology Qcc3003) 30-hour playtime in less than 1 hour charging and 5 minutes Charging allows more than 2 hours use. Impressive sound quality and first class comfort: 40 mm large-aperture drivers driver impressive HD sound quality and captivating bass, and the professional high imitation protein ear pads is cozy for all day wear. Bluetooth 5. 0: more stable connection and effective range (66ft), with built-in CVC 6. 0 microphone. Foldable and Portable: 90° swiveling and foldable ear cups, tracel friendly wireless and wired headphones.

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BFDkw says:

I bought the newest Sony noise cancelling over-ear headphones about a month ago for about $250 and used them on a long flight – I ended up returning them not because they “weren’t good” but because for the price I paid they could have been a lot better.My headphones arrived yesterday.For an upcoming 10+ hour flight, though, a friend suggested noise canceling over ear headphones.I got the pink color which looks just like the picture.The head phones are comfortable enough,but the ear spaces are a little bit too small.The noise cancelling works wonders.I ordered the pink color and it’s lovely.People can hear the music when it’s not even at my preferred volume which doesn’t help with my social anxiety.I was amazed.When I play back the video, I can’t hear my video unless I put my phone right next to the headphones.I bought 5 different pairs of similar price range headphones to compare before settling on a purchase.Also people couldn’t see the earphones and were perplexed when I didn’t respond to them or hear them when they followed behind me in the office.I found this Boltune and bite the dust.They also fit perfectly over my ears and are really comfortable.They are sturdy, comfy, and quite pretty! Purchased mainly for TV watching (paired with the Boltune Long Range bluetooth transmitter.I had a pair of Beats in the past, but I didn’t realize that they were on ear and not over the ear – I have a lot of ear piercings and it made for an uncomfortable experience.After researching and reading many reviews, I purchased this pair, and I couldn’t be happier.Howerver, when I got it and put on my ear, I had different feeling.And they deliver as well if not better than my old Bose.

ABnBG says:

They are snug and cancel noise well, this is exactly what I was looking for.And it comes with more colors, the pink looks very cute and nice for girls.The Sennheisers have always had a tendency to get a little static noise.On music that has too much bass I have to turn them down a little but I’m okay with that.They are super simple to connect to your devices and use.The noise cancelling ability is good enough for most things.Noise cancelation is pretty good.Amazing sound – Precise guitars, clear vocals, clean bass and crisp percussion.The pairing was extremely easy and they were ready to go right out of the box.The Boltune headphone are soooo comfortable, I can wear them all day without a problem.When they arrived, I put them on with the TV turned up and the noise canceling works very well.The noise canceling causes a definitely noticeable reduction of outside noise, but you can still hear a lot of what you want to, specifically conversation around you.I have to say already that the sound quality of them is really good, so that’s a very good plus.The noise cancelling all by itself is OK, but seems to work 100% in my vocal range 🙂He’s had several earbuds / bluetooth devices over the years and this is one of the clearest over the phone.As a matter of fact, most days the only thing that gets me to the gym is an interesting podcast.The set-up was easy and straightforward.She uses it for general TV, videos, iPad and stuff.They are easy to pair, easy to operate and the sound is crisp.These were a perfect fit and look almost exactly the same as the TaoTronics BH060.Very comfortable fit, good noise cancellation and very good sound quality.

BeAccq says:

Though this headphone comes at 1/10th of the price of other premium ANC headphones, the look and feel, quality of materials used, the build quality, battery life and the audio effects are all really amazed.The noise cancelling feature works much better than I expected for the price, but will use more battery just like any other headset with this feature.These don’t tune out all the sounds, but most! When I have music playing, I can’t hear anything else, saving my sanity! The padding is super soft.I can sleep with them on my side also even though that’s a rarity… these are comfortable, moderately priced and even better they are easy to pair and have great sound quality! Due to the shape of one of my ears, ear buds do not fit or work well for me.0, the battery life on these is super great .The headphones come with a case, which is black.It has a nice microphone and sound quality and battery life is long.May not be good enough for an audiophile listening to their favorite music.I will say the item itself feels nice.I took a day or two and the sound quality is almost on par with my 1st gen Bose QC35s.Incredible! They are comfortable and soft.These are great if you have small ears because they fit very nicely around your ears., and these sound great.The noise cancellation feature isn’t the best like a more expensive pair but it still was good.We travel a lot and having a Bluetooth headphone, especially on an airplane is wonderfully convenient.The point is that noise reduction is also great, and it takes three to four days to fully charge a single charge.I have had high end headphones, but didn’t want to lay out that much for a set of headphones.Once you put the headphones on , background noise is automatically diminished.The ear cushions looked so soft like a marshmallow.

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