AfterShokz Titanium Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones with Brilliant Reflective Strips Ocean Blue AS600OB-BR Reviews

By | May 11, 2020

AfterShokz Titanium Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones with Brilliant Reflective Strips Ocean Blue AS600OB-BR Specs and Review

EXCLUSIVE PACK – Includes AfterShokz Titanium wireless bone conduction headphones and a pack of Brilliant Reflective strips.  The OpenFit headphone design ensures ears remain open for situational awareness, while reflective strips make drivers aware of you. Designed for long-term wear – Titanium wrap around headbands are lightweight, flexible, and sweat-proof to ensure comfort during extended wear. Combined with long battery life, This compact fit allows you to enjoy continuous use for up to six hours. Bluetooth connectivity – modern wireless headphones with Bluetooth V4. 1 connectivity and convenient multipoint pairing, these are compatible with your iOS and Android Bluetooth-ready smartphones or tablets and Mac and PC computers and laptops. QUALITY SOUND – Innovative AfterShokz headphones combine PremiumPitch technology for wide dynamic range and rich bass, LeakSlayer technology to reduce natural sound leakage, and dual-noise canceling mics to ensure a premium, on-the-go audio experience. Visibility on-the-go – brilliant reflective strips easily adhere to bikes, helmets, shoes, and more. Designed to be visible from up to 500+ feet at night and blend into clothes and gear during the day. Made with durable 3m Scotchlite reflective material.

3 thoughts on “AfterShokz Titanium Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones with Brilliant Reflective Strips Ocean Blue AS600OB-BR Reviews

pZDes says:

I had never heard Stereo sound until yesterday! This is probably the most life impacting thing I’ve ever bought.First, the highest level of volume gets drowned out by regular street traffic unless I use my fingers to keep the “earphones” pressed to my head.However, they hurt the top of my ears with just a short amount of time.Some people don’t like that they move around on your head.I liked that they did not block my hearing as I need to listen for the phone but work better with music playing.The AfterShokz Trekz fit the bill nicely and have been a great addition to my daily work routine.I have hearing loss in one ear and these headphones allow me to listen as if I had normal hearing since they are bone conduction.Music is functional but you will definitely want to use your favorite EQ app tweak the sound as out of the box it’s pretty disappointing.I use mine all day long, every single day.I was WELL into the normal range and ordered it rather than the mini-size.The sound is amazingly rich and deep considering that they do not stick in the ear or over the ear.They also come with reflective strips, which is awesome! If I could give this product zero stars, I would… That’s how poor the audio quality is.Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the Trekz Titaniums.He likes that they work even when he puts in his earplugs – he works with loud equipment.I wear sunglasses most of the time while running, and these really hurt my ears after a couple ever I give it 4 stars because it comes with a unusable warranty.I did plug my ears while wearing them and still had decent sound quality.I could never get earbuds or any other type of headphones to stay in my ears, particularly if I am moving around.

kaMRE says:

plugs in ears cancels all noise.I bought my first pair over 2 years ago.-They’re very light and don’t bounce around on your head when you move, so they’re great for running.I’m not sure how they work in regard to receiving a phone call as I haven’t used them for that yet.Two majorly annoying things: it pinches around the top of my ears no matter how I position it, and the band is far too large for my head.Being able to have a soundtrack to my life events while still having audible access to my surroundings is enthralling! These promote safety while navigating environments.It was really disappointing because I thought that there would be no sound and the bone conduction would do it all.But note it is not waterproof, not suitable for swimming.But, you can hear your surroundings which is what I wanted them for.Sound quality is pretty decent but if you’re looking for sound equivalent to ear buds you will be disappointed.I thought I’d really enjoy these, but I’m relegating them to listening to podcasts, as the audio for music is awful.The fit is a little loose but not uncomfortable.Noise cancelation doesn鈥檛 work worth a hoot innthe noisy invironment of a truck I bought this specifically because I keep getting ear infections, and the earbuds I normally wear seem to exacerbate the problem.What I like is they aren’t inside the ear and yet I can hear them just like they were.I could react if somebody said “WATCH OUT!”I was very happy with my purchase until….This is the only brand that can survive my abuse and lack of using a case.However, if you position the headset right, you can get good sound while riding.Typically, I’m wearing these with both sunglasses and a bike helmet and these go on the last and I then adjust the sunglasses to fit comfortably with these.Once you describe the issue, you get a prepaid label to return your headphones.

KUakiq says:

I love the concept, but the design didn’t fit comfortably around my ears.5 hours.Keep in mind however: open ears means environmental noises can drown out the audio depending on how loud those noises are.I find the fit, the sound quality and ease of use, excellent when paired via bluetooth to my iPhone.I’ve been left frustrated in the past with the performance of these devices.It’s not great, but if you want great sound, you’re going to buy Bose or Beats or something along those lines.I run and strength train and enjoy listening to music w ear buds.Have noticed that you should not lean your upper jaw on your hand while talking….I think the Plantronics Backbeat is a better choice, although the ear loops are tiring when worn all day, as in my use case.But I have two problems with these headphones – First I wear glasses and contrary to your claims these just don’t work either over or under the temples.Riding a bike with a helmet is a pain, even more so when you add sunglasses.I hate Bluetooth.Others can only wear one earbud.One, they’re not you’re typical in-ear headphones.I was hoping for the ability to listen to music while still having the safety of hearing cars.There’s no bone conduction.I’m going to start with the warning for this product that I wouldn’t quite consider cons.I wear these climbing and mountain biking so i can pay attention to my surroundings.Otherwise awesome! I like that I can jam my favorite tunes yet still be aware of my surroundings.

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